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Minimum Standards and Requirements for Aeronautical Activities

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Aviation Information

Runway 11-29:   7501x150   ASPH-GRVD

Runway 7-25:   4158x100   ASPH-GRVD

Runway Lighting
Runway 11-29:HIRL
Runway 29:MALSR
Runway 11:PAPI
Runway 29:PAPI
Runway 7-25:MIRL

VFR Pattern Altitudes
1,000 AGL - GA/Light Aircraft
1,500 AGL - Jet/Heavy Aircraft

Communication Frequencies
ATIS: 127.5
Tower Open: 0645-2230 Local
CTAF: 119.55
Ground: 121.7
UNICOM: 122.95
Tower: 119.55 / 353.7
GNV Radio: 123.65

Navigation Aids/Frequencies
VORTAC: 116.2 (GNV)
NDB: 269 (GNV)
Localizer: 111.3 (I-GNV)
Radar: 118.175 / 338.25 

Instrument Approaches

NDB: Rwy 29
ILS: Rwy 29
GPS: All Rwys
VOR: All Runways

Aviation information is provided for general information purposes only and is not to be used for navigation. Refer to the current Airport/Facility Directory and the U.S Terminal Procedures Publication for current information.