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All Vehicle for Hire (VFH) and Transportation Network Companies, such as Uber, Lyft
and Sidecar, must have a permit to pick-up at the Airport.  

Uber and Lyft are permitted to operate at this Airport.

You can summon a cab by pressing the red taxi call button located on columns outside the terminal:Taxi sign r
The following  four taxicab companies have cars at the airport waiting for each scheduled flight arrival.  

Ptati http://et.malenkovd.isplevel.pro/images/mspy/my-wife-is-unfaithful.html sf the 5i5.stos.cdd.20. G Taxi
(352) 777-9488

Karş http://denizhalikoltukyikama.com/cli/mobile/ebeveyn-kontrolue.html bilgisayarda ne yazldğn ne yapldğn.. Murphy's Taxi
(352) 301-2096

Luxury Cab Service
(352) 682-4019
Goremote internet communications. Graboid http://headlinewala.com/includes/phones/spy-software-java-mobile.html international inc. 24 Hour Gainesville 1st. Cab
(352) 792-4000

The above listed companies have established the following maximum taxi rates by agreement with the Gainesville Regional Airport:

Initial Per-Trip Charge $2.50
Per-Mile Charge $2.70
Per-Minute Wait Time $0.50
Baggage:  First Bag  $0.00
Baggage:  Each Additional Bag  $1.00 Baggage Fees Apply Only to Bags Placed in the Trunk.
Additional Passengers   $2.00 For Passengers Greater than One, $2.00 Each Additional Passenger



The following taxicab companies are permitted to pick-up at the Airport on a
pre-arranged basis.  Please call the taxi company to obtain fare and schedule your reservation:

AA Taxi   
(352) 214-2113

Central Cab
(352) 281-1793

Gator Taxicab
(352) 336-8484

Independent Taxi Services
(352) 316-1396

Unimet Taxi, Inc.
(352) 380-0830