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Gainesville Regional Airport accepts cash and all major credit cards.

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 0-30 minutes  $1.00
 > 30 Minutes - 1 hour  $2.00
 > 1 hour - 2 hours  $3.00
 > 2 hours - 3 hours  $5.00
 > 3 hours - 4 hours  $7.00
 > 4 hours - 5 hours  $9.00
 > 5 hours - 6 hours  $11.00
 > 6 hours - 24 hours (& daily rate per day thereafter)  $12.00

Sevgili kzm hayal güzel bir yaz bu check out aynn 1. Şifre, kurduğumuz cümlenin baş haflerinden oluşuyor. Public Parking - Long Term

 0-30 minutes $1.00
 > 30 Minutes - 2 hours $2.00
 > 2 hours - 3 hours $4.00
 > 3 hours - 4 hours $6.00
 > 4 hours - 5 hours $8.00
 > 5 hours - 24 hours (& daily rate per day thereafter) $9.00
 Weekly Rate (7 days) $55.00

Cell Phone Lot

Not parking to pick up a passenger? One of GNV's green initiatives is to provide a cell phone lot so drivers do not continue to expend gas by circling the Terminal Loop. However, drivers must remain with the vehicle or the car will be ticketed and/or towed.  Click here to see the map and locate the free lot. Passengers can contact the driver via cell phone when they get to the curb.

New Automated Pay Parking

Gainesville Regional Airport is transitioning to a new, automated pay parking system and new ticketing technology. The change is part of more than $800,000 of customer service upgrades required to make exiting the parking lot more efficient for our passengers.

As in the past, passengers arriving at either short or long term parking will approach the entrance gate arm but now have two options. He or she can press the Ticket button on the machine to retrieve a parking ticket and open the gate. The second option is to insert a credit or debit card to open the gate. The card will not be charged until the passenger uses the same card at the exit gate upon departure.

A new option is also available when paying for parking at the return of the trip. Passengers who wish to pay inside at a pre-pay kiosk while they await checked baggage will want to take their ticket with them instead of leaving it in the vehicle.

In an effort to help our passengers with a smooth transition, we have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Will it cost more to park?
No, GNV is leaving parking rates unchanged as they have been for several years.

What hours will the automated lanes be open?
The automated lanes will be open 24/7, 365 days a year. Passengers will be able to use a help button at the gate to call for assistance. An attendant will acknowledge the call on the intercom and, if needed, respond to the vehicle shortly.

How do I get a disabled/handicap rate for long term?

GNV will no longer be able to change short term parking tickets to the long term rate. Passengers will need to utilize the disabled/handicap parking in long term to get the long term rate.

What if I lose my ticket?

In the event of a lost ticket, passengers will have to press the Help button under the flap. An attendant will be there shortly to determine your length of stay utilizing the records kept by security staff. Please expect a delay if you have lost your ticket.


How do I use the automated pay lane for cash?

Insert your parking ticket into the gate machine, arrow side up and in first. The machine will display the amount due. You can insert cash of any denomination. The machine will process and dispense change as necessary and issue a receipt. Take the receipt to open the gate arm.

What if I do not have exact change?

Change will be dispensed by the machine.

How do I use the automated pay lane for credit card?

Insert parking ticket into the gate machine, arrow side up and in first. The machine will display the amount due. Insert your credit or debit card. The machine will charge your card and issue a receipt. Take the receipt and the gate arm will open.

In lieu of getting a parking ticket, if you used your credit or debit card to gain entry into the parking lot, use the SAME card at the exit station. The machine will display the amount due. The machine will charge your card and issue a receipt. The gate arm will open.

What credit cards do the automated pay lanes accept?

Gainesville Regional Airport accepts all major credit cards.

Can I use a debit card?


Will I get a receipt?

Yes. You need to take the receipt to open the gate arm.

Will the automated pay lanes accept EPass or SunPass?

No, the state technology for EPass and SunPass are unavailable at GNV at this time.


Where is the pre-pay kiosk located in the airport terminal?

The kiosk is located near baggage claim, next to a pillar in front of the Visit Gainesville concierge desk. It has a neon green light.

How do I pay at the kiosk?

Insert your parking ticket or the credit/debit card used to gain entry into the parking lot. Follow the instructions on the kiosk screen. The machine will charge your card and print a receipt. It will also print a ticket to insert at the exit gate that will raise the guard arm.

Does the pre-pay kiosk accept cash?


How long do I have to leave the lot after I pre-pay at the kiosk?

Passengers will need to leave the airport within 30 minutes after paying. If there is an extended delay, the ticket will no longer open the gate arm. Please use the help button or manned exit lane.

Will I get a receipt at the kiosk?


What payment methods are accepted at the pre-pay kiosk?

Credit and debit cards only.


Passengers requiring assistance can press the Help button located under the flap on the face of the machine. At the exit gate, an attendant will acknowledge your call via intercom to answer your question. At the pre-pay kiosk, follow the prompts on the screen.

Disabled Parking

Designated disabled permit parking is conveniently located in both the Short-Term and Long-Term parking lots.

Short-Term and Long-Term parking rates WILL APPLY to vehicles parking at public parking facilities that display a disabled parking permit or license tag, except as provided by Florida Statute 316.1964. 

In accordance with Florida state law, no parking charges will be imposed on any vehicle with specialized equipment, such as ramps, foot or hand controls, for use by a person with a disability, or a vehicle displaying the Florida Toll Exemption Permit.

Toll Permit

Effective July 1, 2016, disabled veterans displaying a Florida Disabled Veterans license plate, issued under Fla. Statute 320.084, s 320.0842 or s. 320.0845 will receive free parking.
Below are representative samples of Flordia Disabled Veteran license plates:

 DV1    DV2    DV3

 DV4    DV5 

Patrons eligible for free parking should exit lane 1 with the booth.  If an attendant is not in the booth, please press the button located under the "help" flap to call for assistance.

Please note: The plate and placards shown below DO NOT qualify for free parking UNLESS the vehicle is equipped with specialized equipment, such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls, for use by a person with a disability.